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Exhibition of "The Minotaur and his companions"

The tariff includes the hire of the collection and costs of the transport. It is necessary to provide a covered area, and if the event runs for several days, a secure place for overnight storage. Please contact me for any information or a price !

Show Display Tariff for a festival (mediaeval, craft, etc…)

This show includes:

- Making tools in wrought iron, and creating art objects using traditional methods with hand-bellows.

- Explanation of the trade and craft of the blacksmith

- Display of knives and masks made from Damask steel

The participation of the visitors is encouraged, and adults and children alike can leave with something they helped to create.

The cost is € 160 for the day, plus transport and materials. Please contact me for further information. !

Commissioned wrought-iron creations

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the design or creation of original wrought-ironwork.

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